Fund the Future

Billy Cherry believed in the power of the possible. That’s why the fund named for him continues to seek out students who have overcome life challenges and deserve a helping hand. In 1993, the Fund awarded $2,500 to one scholar. This year, 23 Cherry Scholars received $130,000 in tuition and book awards.

Your contribution directly supports our community and the bright futures of our deserving Scholars.

Cherry Scholarship is a 501(c)3 charity with non-profit status. Your donation helps students achieve their college goals. Without your support, we could not accomplish our goals. Thank you!

Tiffany (Price) Chapman became aware of the Cherry Scholarship Fund when she was finishing high school at ETHS.  Her involvement with the Cherry Fund helped focus her goals on pursuing a life in the classroom. Today she is a tenured math teacher at Haven Middle School in Evanston. Tiffany says that being a Cherry Scholar allowed her to cut back on her work schedule and complete her student teaching. “The benefits of the Cherry Schol­arship went way beyond the financial help,” she says.  The mentoring she received and the personal connections she made helped to form the foundation of her success.